Year 5 are Stargazers!

We have started our new topic of ‘Stargazers’ by having a jigsaw puzzle hunt around the classroom. In groups children had a mystery planet. They needed to find all their hidden puzzle pieces and then make their puzzle to reveal which planet of the solar system they had!


5 comments on “Year 5 are Stargazers!

  • Jessicaw says:

    This was sooooo fun I really enjoyed the part ware we found all the pieces but the part ware we put is together was quit frustrating because my team anly had one piece to fi d and we. Ever found the piece but it was fun any way

    • I agree it was really frustrating that we were missing on piece but we still managed complete a bit of the puzzle :]

  • Katrina says:

    That was fun! No school today thought because it’s snowing like mad!!! (It’s also Josephs birthday today :D)


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