Sportshall athletics fun!

On Friday 8th January a group of 29 Year 5s and 6s walked to Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre with 4 teachers to represent the school in Sportshall athletics. The field events included ¬†javelin, standing high jump, long jump and triple jump and speed bounce. The track events included relays and obstacle events with children hurdling and going under various obstacles. The competition was fierce and all schools represented fielded highly motivated teams. All the children from LMPS impressed their teachers and spectators with their tremendous show of perseverance, passion and support for each other. More than one teacher also went home with a sore throat after cheering on the committed children. Although we didn’t win through to the next round on this occasion, we are immensely proud of your efforts and your exemplary behaviour. Well done!

One girl in year 6 deserves a special mention for receiving two special awards: For the highest Speed Bounce score of the WHOLE DAY; and a second award for support for her opponents. Simply fantastic!!

sathgirls photo 5 sathgroup


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