Chestnut Writer of the Week

Writer of the week is Alfie L for his use of descriptive language in his setting description:

Bravely, I walked to the battle with my shiny, glistening sword and my trusty shield. My team were all cramped and squished. We lined up our shields to create the shield wall.


Our topic this half term is all about 1066. For our memorable experience we recreated the Battle of Hastings on the school field. Can you remember the key events that led to William of Normandy’s victory?

A messy memorable experience…

Our new topic ‘Burps, bottoms and bile’ teaches us about the digestive system which of course starts in the mouth! We started our science learning by looking at the teeth. For our memorable experience we used disclosing tablets to learn just how well we do clean our teeth!

What did you think of the memorable experience?

Chestnut writer of the week

Public speaking by Ruby

As powerful as you are,

You may be scared.

But you should know,

Being yourself is better than being anyone else.

When you get up there on the stage,

And see a thousand eyes looking at you,

Getting down is not an option.

Because when you are up there,

You can’t get down,

Because otherwise you’re missing an opportunity to be great.


This week we have kicked off our new topic ‘Traders and Raiders’.For our memorable experience we built our Saxon ship to sail to Britain – ready to invade! In our Literacy lessons we are becoming reporters and creating news articles to explain this event!

What did you enjoy about your first week back?