Wonderful Writing!

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In Literacy we have been exploring the text of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare and have created: drama, character descriptions, setting descriptions, advice writing and even diary entries.

Here is a piece of wonderful writing from Amelia in Cedar!


Dear Diary,

Today was an AWFUL day! This was the day when it all went horrible wrong: my magic power went all wrong and caused MAD chaos! Can you imagine thinking your day will all go simply well but then it all was thrown in a dist bin and your amazing day was turned awful? The bad thing is I ALWAYS MAKE MISTAKES!

Trembling with fear, I walked to Obseron’s to explain all of my bad mistakes that I have done to the secret lovers who I have cursed. I felt a dark soul in my tummy screaming really bad making my tummy ache. This is all of the mistakes that I have caused. I have: made the wrong people fall in love and turned Bottom’s head into a donkeys head!

Therefore, I am super stressed that Oberon will be roaring his head off at me after my mistakes. Can you imagine getting muddled in this situation? I hope that things will all get sorted. After all, I am full of mistakes! I wonder what awaits me next…

Wish me luck,


Well done Amelia Pawelcyzk!

Can you identify any of the S2S/ language features Amelia has used in her writing?


Fascinating Food and Farming!

Year 4 had an extremely exciting and informative day today learning all about where our food comes from and how it is made! We visited Writtle College for their annual Food and Farming Day.

We were able to learn about different types of food, such as sausages, how they are made and what is in them. We learnt about how different types of grain and corn is grown and farmed and then how these are used to make different types of oil and flour. We were able to watch farming machinery at work and able to meet some of the farmyard animals!

Can you comment below with your favourite part of the day or a new fact that you learnt?

Wonderful Writing!

This week we have been writing letters from the perspective of a character in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream to an Agony Aunt asking for advice. Charlie is Chestnut class wrote a brilliant letter from the character Hermia. Well done Charlie!

Dear Agony Aunt,

I desperate for your help. I really hope you are able to help me, as everyone knows how good you are at giving advice. I’ve got myself into a real pickle and I don’t know how to fix it. How would you feel if you were in love with someone but was forced to marry someone you did not love? That’s what pickle I’ve got myself in to! So please help me, I would really appreciate it.

The person I love is called Lysander but I am being forced to marry Demetrius. I do not love Demetrius, it is a complete disaster! Even though I don’t love Demetrius, if I don’t marry him I know that my father will be upset.

Please write back soon,


Year 4 assembly

Our class assembly is fast approaching and to all  Year 4’s, you have your lines to begin practising this weekend!

If any of you would like to practice the song, here is the link:


Have a good weekend & try and not play this song too much!

Miss B & Miss Smith

Wonderful Writing!

This week Year 4 started their unit of work on Shakespeare! We are studying the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which is quite a complicated story, but includes some very funny characters and lots of magic!

We have focused on learning about the characters and below you can see a fantastic mind map about the character Puck from Nikas in Chestnut and a character description of Puck written by Amelia and Jessica in Cedar.

Well done!


Public Speaking

On Friday 3rd March Year 4 participated in their final Public Speaking Workshop. Mrs Browne (the workshop leader) was very impressed with how much progress we had made during our English lessons.

In this session we were practicing each role within the public speaking team and we rehearsed the order in which the competition would take place.

The competition is on the 23rd of March, so it is now our job to practice and ensure that we are ready.

Wish us luck!

Which role would you like to have in the competition and why?



Year 4 Superstars!

Today Year 4 took part in the CSSP Year 4 Superstars Festival!

They were split into eight groups and had to participate in a range of multi-sports activities such as: running, jumping, throwing, catching.

All of the children displayed our school values of resilience and passion when participating in each activity, trying their very best to earn points for our school, as well as respect to other children competing, the organisers and the group leaders.

The children were fantastic ambassadors for our school!

Comment below about your favourite events…



Super Speakers!

This week in our Literacy lessons Year 4 have been working on perfecting their public speaking skills, in preparation for the speaking competition.

This week we focused on the role of the ‘Chairperson’. They have an important role as they support the whole team; introducing the team members, topic and questions.

We have really improved in our delivery to the audience throughout the week. Can you comment below which public speaking skill you have improved the most and explain why?

Super Space Writing!

This week Year 4 finished writing their Space adventure stories. Have a read of Daniel’s whole story in Chestnut Class below. It really is super! Can you think about where he has used the S2S really successfully or where he has added personality into his writing?

I could feel my body shivering as I went into the enormous, giant rocket. My legs were shaking like an earthquake. As I sat in my comfortable seat the rocket began to tremble. I was terrified but excited to get to space. When… WHOOSH! We were off!

As fast as I could I went to my rounded window and saw bright stars surrounding my ship. I stared at the Earth and saw the hot blazing sun shooting fireballs at me. I gazed at the colourful, dusty planet moving past me as if they were having a race. Everything was an amazing sight! The shining, glimmering galaxies shone onto my ship and it was glowing a silver colour.

Suddenly my high-tech rocket began to shake. Instantly a nasty problem started to occur. BANG! I heard an enormous crash! I went quickly to my window and saw my engine falling onto the planet under me. What could I do now? Who could help me in this mess? I started to panic…

I landed on the mysterious planet below. It was freezing and dirty. I felt terrified. But then I saw my high-tech engine lying on the planet. I went to collect it, thank goodness it wasn’t damaged too much. I started bouncing to my helpful handy toolkit to fix my ship. I felt brave now. As I was fixing my ship I was so tired after one hour. At last it was fixed! Whoo!

I felt happy and excited. I bounced back into my enormous rocket. It roared back into action and shot off as fast as a jaguar. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell everybody about my adventure!