Homework 5/12/22-9/12/22

Hello Year 4!

Here is your homework for this week. Remember to submit your work on Seesaw once complete, using the Seesaw code that is stuck into your Reading Records.

Maths – times tables

  1. Complete these questions on paper:

2. Practise your times tables on Times Table Rockstars (your username and password is stuck to your reading record).


If you want an additional challenge for your homework, we will now be posting a weekly maths challenge too for you to complete!

Here is the challenge for this week:

English – Spellings and Reading

  1. Practise your spellings for this week using look, cover, write, check. Practise each word 5 times and then put 5 of these words into sentences:

If you would prefer, here is a grid you can use:

2. Practice your spellings on Spelling Shed (your username and password is stuck to your reading record).

3. Remember to read and record it in your reading record every night!

Remember, homework must be completed before Friday morning!

Miss Jennings, Mrs Jeffries and Miss Smith

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