Today’s Remote Learning – 19/7/22

Reading – 30 minutes of reading your own book. Try and find a cool, shady spot to do this.

English – Can you write a story based on this image? Can you use ambitious vocabulary to describe what you would see, hear, think or feel?

resource image

It had been three months since it had happened. It had been three months since she had seen another living soul. She had to be brave if she was to make it through…

Maths – Can you watch the video about co-ordinates and have a go at the questions?

Here are the answers:

PSHE – Today we are thinking about changes in our lives that we can’t control. How do they make you feel? What can we do to help?

For example, a change we cannot control is moving into a different year group at school as we get older. Everyone will feel differently about this. Some people may feel happy and excited about the change. Some may feel nervous, worried or even scared. We can make this change better in many different ways – counting to 10 and taking some deep breaths, talking to a trusted adult, asking a teacher any questions you have about what will happen in September or visiting and speaking to your new teacher.

Have a go at filling in this grid with some different changes you can’t control, how they make you feel and what you can do to make the change better.

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