Today’s learning 17/9/2021

Today in English, we have been editing and improving our acrostic poems.

Can you look at this acrostic poem to edit any mistakes or improve the vocabulary?

In reading, we read p44-48 of The Indian in the Cupboard. Read this section and answer the questions:

“You’re in a house in England,” Omri told Little Bull. Little Bull’s face lit up.

“English good! Iroquois fight with English against French.”

“Did you fight?” Omri asked Little Bull.

“Fight like mountain lion! Take many scalps!” Little Bull held up ten fingers. Then another ten, and then another. Omri couldn’t believe Little Bull had killed so many people. He gulped and suddenly wanted to get away, so went to fetch his meat. He shut his bedroom door behind him and leant against it. Little Bull was a real Indian with a real past from over two hundred years ago. Omri felt overwhelmed by how many people he had killed, but then again, weren’t soldiers still fighting wars now? Omri imagined Little Bull, full sized, running holding his scalping knife!

Omri walked unsteadily downstairs and ransacked his mother’s cupboard for a tin of meat. He found some corned beef and opened it with a tin opener. He dug out a chunk with a tea spoon and absent-mindedly put it in his mouth.

Maybe Little Bull thought Omri was a genie? He seemed to believe in magic. Little Bull didn’t seem scared as easily as others, maybe that was because he was the son of a chief. Especially if one had killed 30 scalps… Maybe Omri ought to tell someone about Little Bull. But adults would surely just take the cupboard away and end all his fun. His mind was racing with possible ideas for the cupboard. He wasn’t ready to give up his secret just yet.

Halfway up the stairs, he noticed that most of the tin of corned beef was empty. The bit that was left ought to do. Eventually, Little Bull appeared and Omri gave him the meat.

“Very good! Soft! Your wife cook this?”

Omri laughed. “I haven’t got a wife.”

“Who grow corn, grind, cook, make clothes, keep arrows sharp?”

“My mother,” Omri replied. “Do you have a wife?”

“No. Dead.” The Indian finished eating. “You do magic. Make things for Little Bull. Want gun.”

Omri thought about the gun. If a small knife could stab, a small gun could shoot.

“No, no gun. But how about a bow and arrow?”

  1. Who did the Iroquois fight against?
  2. What does scalps mean?
  3. How many people did Little Bull kill?
  4. Why did Omri want to get away from Little Bull?
  5. What food did Omri find in his mother’s cupboard?
  6. Why did Omri decide not to tell someone about Little Bull? Give 2 reasons.
  7. Why was the tin of corned beef almost empty?
  8. Who did Little Bull think had cooked the corned beef?
  9. What happened to Little Bull’s wife?
  10. What did Little Bull want?
  11. What Omri decide to give Little Bull instead? Why?

In maths, we looked at number lines to 10,000:

Watch the video and have a go at the questions.

Number line to 10000

In the afternoon, we starting making our totem poles.

Can you draw a totem pole design on a plain piece of paper?

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