Today’s learning – Monday 1st March

Here is your learning for today! We will go through it on our Zoom call at 11am and we can answer any questions you have. Answers for the work will be posted later today, so you can check your work.

English – Writing:


Today, why not learn how to spell these tricky words. Or, if you think you already know them, get an adult or older sibling to test you! This blog post tells you some fun ways to practise spellings:

  • material
  • medicine
  • mention


This week, we are going to be learning words where the ‘k’ sound is spelt ‘que’ and the ‘g’ sound is spelt ‘que’. These words are French in origin.

Practise this week’s words using the look, cover, write, check technique. You can a grid like this out on a piece of paper:

Writing a persuasive letter:

Can you write a persuasive letter using your research and planning notes from last week? I have used my planning notes to write a letter containing 3 different points in separate paragraphs. I have then expanded each point by including 3 pieces of evidence.

Today, we are going to write the greeting, introduction and paragraph 1. Watch this video to help you:

This letter will be informal and you can use this example to help you. I have used colour-coding and underlining to show you where I have used the features on the checklist and word bank.

Use this checklist and word bank to help you as well:

English – Reading:

This half term, we will be reading The Demon Dentist by David Walliams. Read the text and have a go at answering the questions underneath. I have put the text and questions both as a picture and a document. They are both the same but you can decide which is easier to view on your device.

Monday   – Demon Dentist       Chapter 3   Whiter than White  (Pg:43 –  49)

P1  The first thing you noticed about Miss Root was her teeth.  She had the most dazzling white smile.  Whiter than white.  Like a fluorescent light.  Her teeth were absolutely flawless.  So flawless they couldn’t possibly be real.  The second thing you noticed about Miss Root was that she was impossibly tall.  Her legs were so long and thin, it was like watching someone walk on stilts. She was dressed in a white laboratory coat, like the one a Science teacher wears when it’s time for an experiment.  Underneath the coat, her white blouse was matched by a long white flowing skirt.  As she passed, Alfie looked down and noticed a large splash of red  on the toe of one of her shiny white high-heeled shoes.   Is it blood? thought Alfie.

P2  Miss Root’s hair was white-blonde, and arranged in a perfectly lacquered ‘do’, usually only spotted on the heads of Queens or Prime Ministers.  The ‘do’ was shaped much like a Mr Whippy ice cream, minus the flake, of course.

P3 In a certain light she looked very old.  Her features were narrow and pointy, and her skin pale as snow.  However, the dentist had painstakingly painted on so much make-up that it was impossible to tell how old she really was.  50 ?  90?  900?

P4 Finally Miss Root reached the front of the hall.  She turned around, and smiled.  The low winter sun shone through the high windows and bounced off her teeth, causing the front few rows to cover their eyes.  “Good morning, children ….!”  she said brightly.  The dentist spoke in a singsong manner, as if she were recounting a nursery thyme.  There was a collective groan from the kids at being spoked to as if they were toddlers.

P5 “I said good morning, children…..” repeated the dentist, and she fixed them all with a powerful stare.  So powerful that soon a hush descended upon the room.  Then in unison all the assembled pupils said:

“Good morning.”       

“Let me introduce myself.  I am your new dentist.  My name is Miss Root, but I ask all my little patients like you to call me ‘Mummy’”

Alfie and Gabz shared a look of disbelief. 

“So can I hear a great big ‘Hello, Mummy’?        After three!  One, two, three …….”  Miss Root mouthed the words silently as the children joined in. 

“Hello, Mummy,” they murmured.

P 6“Excellent! Now I came to this town when a very unfortunate, indeed fatal, accident befell Mr Erstwhile.  The poor wretch must have fallen on to one of his own dental instruments.  OH, the irony! Of course there’s no need to go into all the gory details, but suffice it to say. Mr Erstwhile was found lying on the floor of his surgery in a huge pool of blood.  The dental problem was embedded deep in his heart….”    A deafening silence descended on the hall.  Alfie gulped.  It was a horrifying image.  Mr Erstwhile may have been old and doddery, but could he really have accidentally stabbed himself in the heart?

P 7 “Mummy would like you all to give one minute’s silence for Mr Erstwhile.  Now close your eyes, children.  All of you.  No peeping!”  Alfie didn’t trust Miss Root enough to close his eyes.  Nor did Gabz.  Both screwed up their faces and squinted.  From our of the tiny slits in his eyelids, Alfie spied something very strange.  Instead of standing at the front with her own eyes closed, Miss Root tiptoed around the room inspecting all the children’s teeth.  When she finally reached Alfie’s row at the back, the boy squeezed his eyes tightly shut for fear of getting into trouble.  Miss Root must have lingered looking at his rotten set, as the boy could feel her cold breath on his face for a while before she tiptoed back to the front of the hall.

“And that’s one minute!” the dentist announced.  “Thank you,  children, you can open your eyes…”

P 8 Alfie and Gabz looked at each other again.  They were the only two kids who had witnessed Miss Root’s peculiar behaviour…….. 

 1) What is the first thing people notice when they see Miss Root? P1
2) Describe Miss Root’s teeth in your own words P1
3) Describe Miss Root’s appearance in your own words P1, P2, P3
4) What did Alfie notice on Miss Root’s toe? P1
5) What did Miss Root ask the children to call her? P5
6) What was the unfortunate event that Miss Root was describing to the children? P6
7) Why were the children asked to close their eyes? P7
8) Do you think Alfie and Gabz are right in not trusting Miss Root? Justify your answer giving evidence from the text. (P1, P7)


Times tables starter:

Today in maths, we are learning about subtracting fractions. Watch the following video and have a go at the questions underneath on paper.


Writing/Saying what you like and dislike (food and drink)

 Here is the vocabulary we learnt last week to recap: 

To ask “Do you like …?” you say, “Magst du…?” and add the food or drink word in, eg, Magst du Tee? Magst du Heisse Schokolade? We did this with the fruits in Year 3. 

Here are some ways to reply: 

You can choose to do Task 1, Task 2 or both.

Task 1: practise with a partner or use two cuddly toys and make them “talk” to each other, (you could give them funny voices) and ask them in German if they like different foods from the menu and respond using the vocabulary given. Challenge: Get them to agree or disagree with each other by saying (Das stimmt – I agree, or das stimmt nicht – I disagree).

Task 2: divide a piece of A4 in two, put the heading on one half “Ich mag das” (I like that) and on the other half put the heading “Ich mag das nicht”. Write in German and illustrate foods/drinks you like and dislike in the right half. Challenge: look up any extra words using Google Translate. 

Don’t forget to post your learning on Seesaw from today. We look forward to seeing all your work!

Miss Jennings and Mrs Ganes

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