Answers! Friday 26th February


  1. It is a good thing that birds help scatter seeds because it means plants can grow in different places.
  2. If birds did not eat insects there would be a dangerouslu high number of insects around.
  3. One bird that eats dead animals is the magpie/carrion crow.
  4. A starling’s favourite food is cranefly larvae.
  5. There are fewer house sparrows around because of cats/air pollution due to more cars being used.
  6. The RSPB is a charity that protects birds in the UK.
  7. Fieldfares have to leave the countryside because of the cold weather and they need to look for food in gardens.
  8. There are more long-tailed tits and goldcrest birds around because they survived the warmer winter.
  9. Migrating birds can fly up to 200 miles every day.
  10. The word which means robins can get angry with other birds is ‘aggressive’.
  11. Any two facts:
  12. Loud,  chattering cackel;
  13. easily seen with their black and white feathers;
  14. hunt for leftover food and dead animals
  15. important insect controllers.


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