Answers! Thursday 25th February


1)  Alfie wanted to do play computer games all night instead of listening to his dad’s stories.

2) A man who made the cardboard for cornflake packet was the guest of honour for the Prize Giving Day.

3) A dentist new to the town was going to give a speech on that particular day.

4) Alfie sat himself at the back row for the speech because he did not like dentists.

5) A little girl called Gabz was sitting next to Alfie.

6) Mr Grey is the headteacher of the school and he is described as the most unsuited person for the job as he is scared of the children, teachers and even his own reflection.  His surname suits him better because everything he wears is grey. He becomes very nervous when he gives a speech to the whole school.  Once he hid himself under the desk pretending to be a footstool when the school inspectors visited the school.

7) The children suddenly felt silent because Gabz the little girl shouted loudly on top of her voice.

8) The name of the dentist who was going to give the speech was Miss Root.


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