Answers! Wednesday 24th February


  1. Alfie hid all the letters that came from the dentist.
  2. Alfie was terrified because he had a bad experience when he visited the dentist last time.  The dentist pulled out Alfie good teeth accidentally which left him with a lot of pain.
  3. Alfie lived just with his dad as his mum passed away when  giving birth to him.
  4. Alfie silently dragged a stool across the kitchen floor and tiptoed on it to reach the top of the larder where he hid all the letters.
  5. Dad gave up his job as a coal miner because he was very ill and the doctors said that  just one more lungful of coal dust would kill him.
  6. Alfie cared for his dad all on his own. Besides having to go to school and do his homework, he did all the shopping, cleaning,  cooking all the meals, and all the washing up. 
  7. Alfie’s dad is a good story teller.
  8. Alfie and dad enjoyed doing stories together. They would close their eyes and from their little bungalow Dad would take Alfie on all sorts of trilling adventures.  They would ride on magic carpets, dive under the oceans, even drive stakes through the hearts of vampires through stories. 


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