Answers! Tuesday 23rd February


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  1. Alfie’s teeth were almost all yellow.  The ones that weren’t yellow were brown.  They bore the stains of all the goodies that children love.  The teeth that were neither yellow nor brown had all fallen out.
  2. The dentist Alfie visited was called Mr Erstwhile.
  3. The dentist wanted to take out Alfie’s tooth was because it was completely rotten and a filling wouldn’t save it.
  4. The dentist asked Miss Prig and Miss Veal to help his out to pull Alfie’s tooth out.
  5. When the dentist couldn’t pull out the tooth he ordered Miss Prig to fetch some particularly thick dental floss.  He carefully tied the floss around the forceps, and then looped it around Miss Veal’s ample frame.  The dentist then instructed his rotund receptionist to leap out to the window on the count of three.
  6. The dentist called all his patients who were waiting outside to assist him.
  7. After several yanking Alfie’s tooth crunched into thousands of tiny fragments inside his mouth.
  8. After the tooth was pulled out, Alfie realised that he still had toothache and the dentist had taken out the wrong tooth!


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