The RSPB Big Bird Watch 2021

I have magpied this idea from Year 5 and I think it is a great idea for something to do this weekend!

We often think that birds are just something pretty to look at. However, they do a lot for the environment.

The RSPB is a charity that was founded in 1889 to ensure birds were protected in England, Scotland and Wales. It stands for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Using the sheet with the pictures of birds below, spend some time outdoors or you can look out of the window (it can be 5 minutes every now and then throughout the day). If you spot any of the birds below, record your sighting. You can use a tally chart if you like.

Tally Chart for Spotting BirdsDownload

Once you’ve completed your observations, you can draw a bird. Use the document below to help you.

How to Draw a BirdDownload

Miss Jennings

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