Answers! Friday 29th January


  1. a) Most Carnival take place in February.

b)  This time of the year is chosen because Lent is a time of fasting so there are flamboyant and loud celebrations before this time.

2) The word brimming means that the floats and flower are full of colour.

3)  Mardi Gras is celebrated in New Orleans and an important symbol is the King’s  cakes, which are sweet colourful cakes.

4)  Carnival in Germany is in November, whereas in other countries it is in February just before Lent.

5) The large parade in Rio takes place in Sombodromo,   a large avenue which is built for the parade.

6)  Carnivals are fun, colourful and entertaining.  It is a time that people celebrate the tradition of their country and enjoy lots of singing and dancing.  Therefore, Carnivals are very popular and they attract a lot of tourists.

7)  Cadiz carnival is in Spain and takes place in February in the build-up to Lent.  It celebrates lots of Spanish traditions and events in the news and politics.  

The Carnival in Nice, France has a religious tone to it where people eat a lot of rich food before the carnival.  The Battle of the flowers is one of the most popular parades and consists of floats full of flowers.

8)  Carnivals are a fun place to be.  They are colourful, cheerful and very entertaining.  There are lots of dances, singing and other acts that takes place.  Various foods can be enjoyed during this carnival. 


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