Answers! Thursday 28th January


  • invent
  • inject
  • act
  • hesitate
  • stagnate
  • nominate
  • migrate
  • conserve
  • select


  1. Hiccup is called, HICCUP THE USELESS by the boys in the tribe.
  2. According to Old Wrinkly Hiccup is naturally not good at Bashyball.
  3. The little problem that Hiccup feels he has is that he had to train the super-small dragon in time for Thor’s day Thursday.
  4. Hiccup feels that he cannot follow the Professor’s idea because he is not very good at yelling.
  5. Hiccup was embarrassed of his Dragon watching days as some might think it is weird talking to the dragons and therefore he went bright red in face when Old Wrinkle mentioned it.
  6. Old Wrinkly asks Hiccup to talk to the dragons instead of yelling at it as he thinks it s a highly unusual skill.
  7. Hiccup thought that talking to the dragon would not work because dragons are not a fluffy creature like a dog or a cat or a pony. 
  8. Hiccup thinks yelling was a good method to train the dragon.
  9. Old Wrinkly feels that yelling was highly effective on any dragon smaller than a sea-lion.  He feels it is positively suicidal if its tried on any larger dragons.
  10. According to Hiccup Professor Yobbish’s book needs WORDS, lot more words.


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  • This is the Qur’an/Koran.
  • It should be treated with respect.
  • Before reading, Muslims perform Wudu, which means washing their hands, faces, arms and feet.
  • The Qur’an/Koran should be:
  1. Kept wrapped up in a cloth and placed on a high shelf in order to keep it safe and to show respect.

2. Put on a special stand so that it doesn’t touch the floor as the floor can be a dirty place.

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