Answers! Wednesday 27th January



  1. Hiccup’s dragon was sleeping under his bed.
  2. Hiccup’s mother was called Valhallarama,
  3. The sentence, ‘Old Wrinkly had taken up soothsaying in his old age, mostly unsuccessful,’ means that old wrinkly has taken up predicting ones future but his predictions are mostly wrong.
  4.  Hiccup felt that people already made fun of him as he is not very tall and courageous and now he got himself a very, very small basic dragon which had made him even more a laughing stock.
  5. Reproachfully means disappointingly.
  6. The sea dragon is fifty times bigger than the dragons that the boys have caught.
  7. Hiccup felt that Old Wrinkly was getting off the point because in Berk where they live there are no Sea Dragons. Therefore, the comparison of their dragons to a Sea Dragon is a useless point. His dragon will still be the smallest of all the dragons.
  8. Hiccup was worried about how he was going to ever become a Hero.
  9. Hiccup needs to learn to become a hero the Hard Way, as he is not big, tough and charismatic like Snotlout.
  10. Old Wrinkly suggested that the hero of the future need be clever, cunning and imaginative and not just a big lump with overdeveloped muscles.


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