Answers! Tuesday 26th January




  1.  Hiccup thought he might as well change his name to Ermintrude if he was a coward.
  2. The boys agreed to fight with their fists.
  3. Hiccup thought axes were a bad idea because Snotlout is good at fighting and if they used axes there is no chance of Hiccup surviving the fight as he could easily be killed.
  4. Snotlout wanted to have the fight after the Initiation day because he didn’t want to stub his toe or anything while kicking Hiccup.
  5. Snotlout thought that he will definitely win the fight because

a) He believes in his sporting abilities. 

b) He also think that he is a courageous Viking with a capacity of mindless violence.

c) He also feels that the gods have spoken as Hiccup have just managed to find only a toothless dragon for himself.

6) Hiccup and Fishlegs went to the Great Hall to look for the book that Gobber recommended.

7)  Hiccup and Fishlegs saw a hullaballoo of young barbarians fighting, yelling and playing the popular Viking game of Bashbal which was a very violent contact sport with lots of contend and very few rules.

8) There was only one chapter in the book that Gobber recommended.

9)  The author suggested to yell at the dragon to train.  He said the louder the better.

10) Hiccup was disappointed in the books because it had only a single page with no actual tips to train the dragon. 


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