Answers! Monday 18th January


  • b) I fell over and bumped my head.
  • c) Would you like to go to the park or would you rather play on your bike?
  • d) I wanted to go to the beach but mum said we couldn’t go.
  • e) I like to watch football but I can’t play it.
  • f) I took my dog for a walk across the field and we both got muddy.


  1. Gorge means a narrow crack in the cliff that is filled with large rock.
  2. The dragon landed on Wartihog’s back.
  3. The dragon sank his fangs into Watihog’s shoulder and ripped red lines into his arms.
  4. Gobber bashed the dragon on the nose with the handle of his axe to save Wartihog.
  5. Gobber flung an axe that hit the biggest dragon of lot, killing him instantly.  This made the rest of the dragons think a bit and they flew away, yelping like dogs.
  6. Gobber counted heads to make sure that all the boys were there and none went missing.
  7. Gobber was wondering how he would convey the message to the Leader Stoick the Vast if he had lost his precious son and heir, Hiccup for good.
  8. Hiccup admitted to waking the dragons up.
  9. Annihilate means to destroy, kill or wipe out something completely.
  10. The last sentence of Gobber’s speech is written in capital letters is to show and make the readers feel how angry Gobber was at the boys for waking the dragons up. 


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