Today’s learning – Friday 8th January

Here is your learning for today! We will go through it on our Zoom call at 11am and we can answer any questions you have. Answers for the reading and maths will be posted later today, so you can check your work.

English – Writing:


Today, why not learn how to spell these tricky words. Or, if you think you already know them, get an adult or older sibling to test you! This blog post tells you some fun ways to practise spellings:

  • favourite
  • February
  • forward(s)


Have a go at these online games for practising for our spelling pattern – ‘k’ spelt ‘ch’.


Can you write a story based on this image? Can you use ambitious vocabulary to describe what you would see, hear, think or feel?

resource image

Here is a story starter, which you can use to continue the story if you wish:

Some people love living dangerously. For some people, the thrill of a near miss is what they crave their whole lives; the moment of panic that rises up from the pit of your stomach like your blood has turned to ice, but then washes over you like blissfully warm water as the danger passes.

This was one of those moments. You could hear the sharp intake of breath as the crest of the fifty metre wave frothed and foamed like the mouth of an angry Kraken. There were only seconds left to wait…

English – Reading:

This half term, we will be reading How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Read the text and have a go at answering the questions underneath. I have put the text and questions both as a picture and a document. They are both the same but you can decide which is easier to view on your device.

  1. What did Gobber ask the boys to do if they accidentally woke the dragon up?
  2. Why wouldn’t the dragons come out of the cave?
  3. Why did Hiccup feel reassured after Gobber’s explanation about the dragon?
  4. Give four things that Gobber suggested to the boys when choosing their dragon.
  5. What will happen to the boys if they FAIL the task?
  6. Who can belong to the Hairy Hooligan Tribe according to Gobber?
  7. Why can’t Snotlout have the Monstrous Nightmare basket?
  8. Who is Hiccup’s father?
  9. What is Basic Brown?
  10. What were Hiccup’s thoughts before heading off to the cliff?


Times tables starter:

Today in maths, we are learning about efficient multiplication. Watch the following video and have a go at the questions underneath on paper.

Efficient multiplication

PSHE – Picture News:

This week’s story: Some pets bought on impulse at the beginning of lockdown are being rehomed.

Question: Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?

Watch the following video for a virtual assembly all about this week’s news story! You may need to pause the video to give yourself some more time to think about the questions!

Don’t forget to post your learning on Seesaw from today. We look forward to seeing all your work!

Miss Jennings and Mrs Ganes

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