Monday’s learning 4/5/2020

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – Click on the following link and have a go at lesson 1, Multiply a 2-digit number by a one-digit number: 

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Spellings:

This week, why not have a go at learning all about the suffix -ous?

  1. What is a suffix? Tell your parents, brother, sister or grandparents over video chat? If you can’t remember, this video clip should remind you:

2. What are the rules for adding the suffix -ous? Watch the video and see if you can spot the 2 different rules.

3. Scroll down the page and have a go at the 3 interactive activities underneath the video:

3. Can you look, say, cover, write and check using these words?

English – Reading:

Find your reading book, picture book or magazine and spend some time enjoying reading, either to yourself or to a parent. If you finish your book, why not write a book review:


Hallo liebe Kinder!

I have been so impressed to hear that many of you are doing some super work for German during lockdown. A few shout-outs: to David and George in Year 3 for completing all your tasks, to Sophie for her wonderful schools comparison work between Germany and the UK, to Olivia for her creative artwork based on the word for Lion in German (Löwe) and well done to Darcey  L and Xav for having a go at learning some Spanish and French. 

Here are some activities for you to try this week – I hope you find them enjoyable. Viel Spaß! Bis bald! (Have fun! See you soon!). Frau Lees

Colours, animals and saying I like (Ich mag …. = I like)

You will need: a paper plate or a circle of paper, scissors, a pen and some coloured pens/pencils. Watch this video which shows you how to make a fish and write two captions on it (eg, Ich mag gelb. Mein Fisch ist gelb. (I like yellow. My fish is yellow).

You could make a few, each a different colour. Year 4, you could challenge yourself and do other animals that we have learnt.

Finally, here is a fun song for you to listen to and maybe even sing along to!

Remember to upload all the learning you have been up to on Seesaw!

Miss Jennings and Miss Mullinger 🙂

Weekly timetable 4/5/2020-8/5/2020

Hello Year 4!

We hope you have had a relaxing weekend with your families and have been staying safe at home.

Similarly to the last few weeks, we will be uploading daily lessons for you to complete and share with us. Please share your work on the Seesaw page – along with your name so we know who the work belongs to.

This is how your learning will look for this week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Morning P.E. Maths English (Spelling –ous & Reading) P.E. Maths English (Spelling & Reading) P.E. Maths English (Reading comprehension) P.E. Maths English (Creative Writing)
Afternoon German RE (sacred writings) DT (Castle Drawbridge)Art (Sketching – The Bayeux Tapestry)

Next Friday is a bank holiday to celebrate VE Day so there won’t be the normal daily lesson posted. However, there will be a post about VE Day with videos for you to watch and some suggested activities you may want to try.  

On Wednesday, the cardboard, straws and other useful bits you have been collecting will come in handy!

Keep posting your learning on Seesaw and commenting on the blog posts – we love to see and hear about everything you have been getting up to!

Miss Jennings and Miss Mullinger

Seesaw comments 1/5/2020

Joel – Congratulations on completing your 1000 piece puzzle! Well done for completing the maths work about money and for continuing to read your book.

Stephanie – Well done for completing your number line maths work and for completing the food chains work. It is fantastic to see your reading record and your spelling wordsearch too.

Kiara – Well done for continuing to play on Times Table Rockstars and for completing the ABC 44 items challenge too.

Phoebe – Great job with your grammar and PSHE work and well done for having a go at one of the maths challenges! Well done for continuing to take part in P.E. with Joe Wicks and your White Rose maths everyday too. I’m glad you have been enjoying the work!

Bethany – Well done for having a go at the White Rose maths challenges as well as creating Roman numerals out of pencils! Good job on your PSHE work and for having a go at some English BBC Bitesize games too. We miss you too!

Harley – Well done for completing a labelled diagram of the digestive system and for completing your holiday brochure – it has made me want to visit Disneyland too!

Jay – Well done for completing the Roman numerals maths challenge today as well as the maths challenges from White Rose (remember each challenge gets harder!). Good job with your PSHE and your grammar work too.

Harry O – Well done for completing 10 burpees in 12.25 seconds!

Sophie – Great job completing the first 5 White Rose maths challenges and for completing 10 burpees in 16.64 seconds! Well done for completing your grammar work. I am so impressed by your piano playing too! It’s great you have still been practising.

Olivia – Well done for completing the White Rose challenges up to number 7 and for having a go at a Year 6 Arithmetic paper! Great job on your grammar work and PSHE poster too.

Liam A – Great additional grammar work finding adjectives. Well done for completing your game review and instructions linked to Picture News as well as completing two of the maths at home challenges.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone and stay safe.

Miss Jennings