Monday’s learning 11/5/2020

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – Click on the following link and have a go at Lesson 1 – Multiplying and dividing problem solving: 

White Rose Maths have stopped giving away worksheets for free so please use the BBC Bitesize link for additional questions and worksheets:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Spellings:

This week, why not have a go at learning all about homophones?

  1. What are homophones? Tell your parents, brother, sister or grandparents over video chat? If you can’t remember, this video clip should remind you:
  2. Which word would fit in each gap in the sentences? Which is the correct spelling?

a) My shoelaces were tied in a double _________. (not or knot)

b) All classes went swimming ________ year 1. (accept or except)

c) The bad _______ means that we may have to cancel sports day. (whether or weather)

d) The _______ swooped down low over the airport during the air show. (plain or plane)

e) Each child ate a _______ of fruit at break time. (piece or peace)

3. Can you look, say, cover, write and check using these words?

English – Reading:

Find your reading book, picture book or magazine and spend some time enjoying reading, either to yourself or to a parent. If you finish your book, why not write a book review:


Hallo Kinder!

I hope you and your families are well. I also hope you enjoyed last week’s German activities! It has been wonderful to hear again this week how well you are doing with your German work! Here are a few shout-outs from me: to Harry in Year 6 for a great piece of work on comparisons between English and German schools; to Nic, Anna, Heather and Erin in Year 5 (I will send in the answers to the questions); to Luiza, Charlie, Phoebe, Olivia, Liam and Bethany in Year 4 and to Isaac, Igor and David in Year 3. Especially well done Igor, for your video of you speaking German! Keep up the wonderful work everyone and have a good week!

Bis bald! (See you soon!)

Frau Lees

Year 4

This week you will be revising  parts of the body vocabulary that you learnt this year. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the words, you can always look them up on google translate. 

  1. Watch the video clip to watch face pictures being made from twigs, leaves etc that you might find in your garden. If you prefer you could use dried food such as pasta shapes, rice, or other household objects. (Do ask your adults first.)
  2. Create a face using your chosen objects and say/name the body parts in German. Experiment until you find a face you are really pleased with.
  3. Stick down onto the paper and write on the body parts in German. Remember capital letters at the start of nouns! 
  4. Why not send a picture in of your finished work?

Remember to show us any work you have completed by posting it on Seesaw!

Miss Jennings and Miss Mullinger

2 comments on “Monday’s learning 11/5/2020

  • The White Rose website is asking us to check if school has a subscription as there are no worksheets available for w/c 11th May.

    • LJennings says:

      Unfortunately, White Rose have stopped giving away the worksheets for free! The link below has some more questions and worksheets you can download or print – I will try and post the link to these as well as the White Rose link, but it might be in a separate post as they don’t publish it until the day of the lesson!

      Hope that helps.


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