Home Learning for German

This website is great and has lots to do, from finding out about Germany, to learning lots of new language. https://ukgermanconnection.org/kids/

Explore the sections on Find Out, Make and Do, Games and Quizzes, Stories and Songs, Fun with German. 

Practise the topics you have learnt this year on german-games.net – most of you have used this website in class. You click on Topics and choose a topic, do the tutorial and then play the games. If you are wanting a challenge, choose a topic you haven’t learnt yet and learn some new words. 

You could try and cook a German recipe https://www.tasty-german-recipe.com/kid-recipes.html with the help of an adult of course. There are lots of recipes on this site. Take a photo of what you make to show us.

You could find out about one of these topics and do a project on it: German cars, German sports stars, German football teams, a town or region in Germany……

Viel SpaƟ! (Have fun!)

Bis bald,

Frau Lees

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