Stand like a mighty oak…

Some members of Year 4 will be participating in a public speaking competition.  In order to pick our teams we all participated in an engaging and exciting workshop that taught us what a good public speaker does!

Can you remember how to stand like a mighty oak?

Writer of the Week

Cedar’s Writer of the Week last week was Jamie for writing and performing a very exciting commentary script as if he was commentating on a Roman gladiator fight. He worked really hard and showed excellent resilience when working independently and he was able to accurately edit and improve his work to include more description. Great work Jamie, keep it up!

Getting in the Christmas spirit…

This week at LMPS the festive season has truly started –  Christmas jumpers, winter art day, decorating our class tree and singing Christmas tunes! As well as that, we have created our own ‘commentator’ scripts, imagining we are commentating on a gladiator fight in ancient Rome!

What was your favourite part to the week?


Impressive projects

We just wanted to say a  huge well done to all the children for the projects they created and a big thank you to all the family members that must have helped. It really shows how engaged the children are with their topic.