What is a Computer Network?

This week in Computing we went on a hunt around the school to find devices on our computer network. We visited the school server room and tried to research the jobs all the different devices did. Here is a helpful picture that explains what a computer network is:

What devices are on your computer network? Who is your ISP (internet service provider)? Are all your devices wireless or are some connected by an Ethernet cable?

Why not create a diagram of your home computer network and give it to your teacher for a bonus five passion dojos!


Cedar Writer of the Week!

This week’s writer of the week from Cedar class is Imogen for using lots of ambitious vocabulary to create a powerful soliloquy…

“Tonight is my final time to think about the upcoming battle. I will rip and tear the blue-faced, wild beasts and I must think carefully about how we use our mighty weapons. Should I be worried, with all our weapons? Worried or not, I will grind the blue-faced barbarians to dust! On the battle field, I will fight for my eagle, my army, my family and even myself.”