Chestnut Writer of the Week!

This week the writer of the week goes to Suzi! She has been showing passion in her writing this week! See below an extract from her Literacy work:

What is life like for the Adi tribe?
In the gigantic Siang forest, life lurks in the undergrowth despite the harsh heat and humidity. Remarkably, the Adi tribe survive here among elephants, tigers and even red pandas!

Unbelievably, thanks to the cultivation of rice and hunting, the Adi are completely self-sufficient. The Adi hunt many types of deer and use them for feasts. Revoltingly, the other animal the Adi eat at feasts is the toilet pig which feeds on human poo! The Adi breed an interesting animal called a mithun. This is a cross between a cow and a water buffalo! A man’s wealth is judged by the number of mithuns he has.

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