Scintillating Science…

In Science, we have been learning about the water cycle! We discovered the key processes that take place: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Can you remember which of these is the scientific name for rain (and snow!) ?

We even created our own water cycle to observe in the classroom:


Can you explain the water cycle to someone?


Chestnut Writer of the Week!

This week the writer of the week goes to Suzi! She has been showing passion in her writing this week! See below an extract from her Literacy work:

What is life like for the Adi tribe?
In the gigantic Siang forest, life lurks in the undergrowth despite the harsh heat and humidity. Remarkably, the Adi tribe survive here among elephants, tigers and even red pandas!

Unbelievably, thanks to the cultivation of rice and hunting, the Adi are completely self-sufficient. The Adi hunt many types of deer and use them for feasts. Revoltingly, the other animal the Adi eat at feasts is the toilet pig which feeds on human poo! The Adi breed an interesting animal called a mithun. This is a cross between a cow and a water buffalo! A man’s wealth is judged by the number of mithuns he has.

Chestnut Writer of the Week!

This week the writer of the week goes to Amelie for an engaging introduction to her non chronological report:


The Adi – the tremendous tribe

Intriguingly, the Adi tribe live on a mountain range called the Himalayas. Interestingly, there are 25 tribes in the mountain range and the Adi is one. Surprisingly, Adi means hill-man and there are 100,000 Adi in the world. Unfortunately, you can not visit their village and they have never met anyone European. Even today, they are still subsistence farmers and grown their own food on the mountain side.

An exciting first week back!

Last week we introduced children to their new topic ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’. We spent some time researching different mountain ranges and creating our own e-books about them! Then we had some mountain survival training where we learnt some basic first aid, how to use a compass and how to put up a tent!


What was your favourite part of the day?