Writer of the week.

Well done to Daniel for writing an exciting fantasy narrative this week which he shared in assembly today! You can read it below:

Our courageous journey had led us to the magnificent Mount Everest for the greatest and most dangerous challenge in all history. We were climbing to the jagged peak of the mountain. The sun was glistening on the deep powdery snow. The deep snow was heavy and I took every step carefully hoping there was no ravine and I was looking out for avalanches.
“Look out! Avalanche!” screamed Harry, “Get behind a rock!”
“Hope we don’t get hit!” I shouted nervously.
After the avalanche, we got to base camp and made a fire when I saw something move and went to investigate. All of a sudden, the fire went out. I was lost. All I could see was the darkness and I was looking all around for camp but it was too bad.
After walking about in circles, I stumbled upon a shadow I thought about it but it blended into the darkness. Should I draw nearer or should I run? It ran at me, I got so scared I jumped up like a cat getting scared. I could see its eyes were like voids. It grabbed at me like I was its toy…
The figure was like a bear on its back legs. It was a shadow so I shone a torch on it and saw his razor-sharp blood stained teeth. The creature must have eaten other victims! Was I next? Its fur was snow white but its head had drips of human blood. It roared as loud as an elephant’s trumpet. I tripped on a rock. The moon light shone down upon the deadly figure. Just then I realised it was a Yeti of mass destruction. I should not have stayed with a killing machine. It could eat my soul. I knew I had to run but how? I wanted to scream for help but I couldn’t or it would injure or kill me. I had a flare gun but did I have a flare…
I was reaching out to get my flare gun when I saw the Yeti getting closer to me watching every move I took. Suddenly, a drop of blood fell on me. I looked up at the Yeti breathing heavily over me, his breath sinking into my taste buds. My mouth closed because the taste was like eating raw fish. All of a sudden, the yeti sunk its claws into me. I screamed out loud in pain. There was an awkward silence until a flare came past making the yeti run away, it was my group. They had seen the yeti. They grabbed me, rushing me back to camp. The next day we continued until we saw a …

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