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In Literacy we have been exploring the text of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare and have created: drama, character descriptions, setting descriptions, advice writing and even diary entries.

Here is a piece of wonderful writing from Amelia in Cedar!


Dear Diary,

Today was an AWFUL day! This was the day when it all went horrible wrong: my magic power went all wrong and caused MAD chaos! Can you imagine thinking your day will all go simply well but then it all was thrown in a dist bin and your amazing day was turned awful? The bad thing is I ALWAYS MAKE MISTAKES!

Trembling with fear, I walked to Obseron’s to explain all of my bad mistakes that I have done to the secret lovers who I have cursed. I felt a dark soul in my tummy screaming really bad making my tummy ache. This is all of the mistakes that I have caused. I have: made the wrong people fall in love and turned Bottom’s head into a donkeys head!

Therefore, I am super stressed that Oberon will be roaring his head off at me after my mistakes. Can you imagine getting muddled in this situation? I hope that things will all get sorted. After all, I am full of mistakes! I wonder what awaits me next…

Wish me luck,


Well done Amelia Pawelcyzk!

Can you identify any of the S2S/ language features Amelia has used in her writing?


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