Sports Day!

Today Year 3&4 took part in Sports Day! There were a series of events including:

  • Archery
  • Wellie throwing
  • Speed bounce
  • Hoopla
  • Bean bag throwing
  • Tag games
  • Tug of war
  • Races (sack, bounce hoppers, sprints)

The children showed passion and determination to give every activity a go and encourage one another, and their resilience was inspirational. This was a PROUD moment for the children and all of the adults, who can see what fantastic, encouraging sportsman’s they all are!

Check out the collection of photos below!


“My proudest achievement was when I fell down, I got back up and carried on..” Mia

“I can’t exactly pick my favourite part of the day, it was just the whole morning!” Ella

“Thank you Miss Lindsay for organising a fantastic day of events!” Jess

What was your favourite part of today? Comment below!

10 comments on “Sports Day!

  • Joseph Leo says:

    Congrats to Max,Thomas and George in the running race and for participating! I hope the runners had fun and enjoyed!

  • Joseph Leo says:

    My favourite part is the speed bounce because I got a high score that I was proud of,it was 72 jumps.This was my proudest achievement in sports day!

  • I really enjoyed tug of war as it was lovely to work as a team !
    I was also really impressed by all the adults that took part !
    Well to jade and joe to winning the sprint races .
    A special well done to Mia for doing really well in the sprint race

  • Felicity says:

    I think everyone did amazing and thanks Miss Lindsey for making want to fall asleep for the rest of the day

  • jess.webb says:

    my favourite part of the day was when miss b and miss g fell over just as they got over the stating line it was really funny .Also I liked it when my best friend Faye burst the space hoper but got up and was still smiling and I loved doing archery but none of this would be possible without miss Lindsay .

  • Conor O'H says:

    My favourite part of sports day was when we did the welly throwing because one time I got the welly over the 3rd line and once I landed it. Thank you Mrs Lindsey for setting all of the events up for us 🙂 !!!


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