Helping those in need

Today, during our in class reflection, we watched ‘Newsround’ and it explained the long lasting, horrific, tragic London Tower fire that happened yesterday.

During our discussions, we felt that this is such an unfortunate event, that many of us would like to help those in need. Because of this, we have decided that tonight we are going to look at home for any old clothes that we no longer need and place them in a bag. Miss B & Miss Spragge will then take this to a local collection in Chelmsford and this can be given to the victims who have lost their homes and possessions.

In case you are wondering what you could bring to donate if you would like to:

  • Clothes (tops, trousers, underwear, socks, PJs)
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Towels
  • Bed linen
  • Blankets
  • Shoes
  • Toiletries (toilet rolls, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, baby wipes, nappies, shampoo etc)
  • Food (tins, pasta)

(Remember to check with an adult before hand, and only give if it is no longer wanted/ needed)

Written by Year 4

2 comments on “Helping those in need

  • Haniya {loves Charity} says:

    Every night i pray for those who have lost their pets,homes,family and friends in this TRAGIC event. This is such a good idea. (Getting people to give unwanted clothes etc to charity). YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!


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