Fascinating Food and Farming!

Year 4 had an extremely exciting and informative day today learning all about where our food comes from and how it is made! We visited Writtle College for their annual Food and Farming Day.

We were able to learn about different types of food, such as sausages, how they are made and what is in them. We learnt about how different types of grain and corn is grown and farmed and then how these are used to make different types of oil and flour. We were able to watch farming machinery at work and able to meet some of the farmyard animals!

Can you comment below with your favourite part of the day or a new fact that you learnt?

5 comments on “Fascinating Food and Farming!

  • Haniya says:

    My favourite part of the day was eating and learning how jam is made,and stroking all the animals,especially the bull! (I also liked trying deer meat! It was better than i thought…)

  • Kat-rina says:

    Going to the writtle college to learn about food and farming was very (and I mean VERY)
    FUN!!!!!!!!! 🙂 We enjoyed a lot, especially the jam… Apparently, there was about 70 or 80 80 different berries in the jam. I also enjoyed stroking the animals (they were very soft)

  • jess.webb says:

    my favorite part of the day was seeing the piglets and putting my hands in the buckets which I think had seeds in

  • Chloe t says:

    My favourite part at the food and farming was stroking the adoring piggy so because they are favourite animal!!!


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