Groovy Greek Day!

Today we have travelled back in time to the 776BC- When the Ancient Greek’s began!

We have taken part in many different activities including:

  • Food tasting
  • Designing a Greek theatre mask
  • Making a Greek theatre mask using Papier Mache
  • Ancient Greek myths
  • Olympic sporting rehearsals

With the food tasting, we sampled many different Ancient Greek foods including: Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramasalata, Yoghurt & chickpeas, pita bread, olives, feta cigarillos, halloumi, mousaka and  baklava. We even decided to drink Elderflower & Apple flavoured water as we know the Greek’s typically drank wine.

The foods were definitely a range of different flavours, some spicy and others packed with garlic.Here are some pictures of us sampling the different foods….

Check out some of our pupils opinions about this food!

“I really liked the pita bread because it was yum!” Robbie

“I loved the yoghurt dip because it was sour.” Jamie

“My baklava had syrup on it so that mixed with the nuts was really tasty…” Emily




We also got to explore Greek theatre, and designed our very own Greek mask which shows one emotion. We then used Papier mache to thicken our masks (all on top of a balloon). We still need some more time to finish these as the drying takes a LONG time.

As the weather is so lovely outside, we went and sat in the shade and listened to different Greek Myths- all read by different children who volunteered. It was lovely to listen to the children and see the respect from the other children.

Then, we finished the day off with a fantastic practice of the skill ‘running’ which was commonly performed during the Olympics! We had a go at this and even had a competition between house teams!

It has been a very busy day today but we have had lots of fun! Have you had a good day today? What was your favourite part?

Tell us below

Miss B & Miss Smith

Wonderful Writing!

This week we have been writing letters from the perspective of a character in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream to an Agony Aunt asking for advice. Charlie is Chestnut class wrote a brilliant letter from the character Hermia. Well done Charlie!

Dear Agony Aunt,

I desperate for your help. I really hope you are able to help me, as everyone knows how good you are at giving advice. I’ve got myself into a real pickle and I don’t know how to fix it. How would you feel if you were in love with someone but was forced to marry someone you did not love? That’s what pickle I’ve got myself in to! So please help me, I would really appreciate it.

The person I love is called Lysander but I am being forced to marry Demetrius. I do not love Demetrius, it is a complete disaster! Even though I don’t love Demetrius, if I don’t marry him I know that my father will be upset.

Please write back soon,


Year 4 assembly

Our class assembly is fast approaching and to all  Year 4’s, you have your lines to begin practising this weekend!

If any of you would like to practice the song, here is the link:


Have a good weekend & try and not play this song too much!

Miss B & Miss Smith

Wonderful Writing!

This week Year 4 started their unit of work on Shakespeare! We are studying the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which is quite a complicated story, but includes some very funny characters and lots of magic!

We have focused on learning about the characters and below you can see a fantastic mind map about the character Puck from Nikas in Chestnut and a character description of Puck written by Amelia and Jessica in Cedar.

Well done!


Wonderful Writing

This half term, we have been writing a non-chronological report, about the Ancient Greeks!

Here is a collection of work from across the lessons…

The Great Ancient Greeks

Did you know the Greek’s started in 776BC? However, they got invaded in 146BC by the Roman Empire. Fascinatingly, the Greek Empire was the most powerful between 200BC and 146B! Also, the Greek’s used chariots in battle in a Coliseum while they used their weapons!

Thomas West

Amazing clothes:

Firstly, the women wore light, loose clothing as the weather was mostly hot through the year. Surprisingly, the men wore chitons down to their knees because they have to work in the burning hot weather. They have a belief that they can’t show their body as people could look at them in the wrong way so they wanted to be modest.

Jess Webb

Yummy food and drink:

Interestingly, the Ancient Greeks grew lots of fruit and veg: olives, grapes, figs, wheat, bread, beans and they also kept goats for milk and cheese, Usually, the Ancient Greeks grew loads of tasty grapes and olives. Occasionally, in the summer months they ate plenty of dried fruit.

Emily Martin

Wonderful Workers:

Surprisingly, tere were a range of jobs and they include: farming, teaching, soldiers, government workers and craftsman’s. Did you know farming was the most popular job for men because it was the most known job by men? Can you believe that the women had to look after the house? E.g. cooking, cleaning, and making clothes.

Faye Tinsley


Did you know the first Olympic games were held in 776BC in the Greek City Olympia?

CAN YOU BELIEVE the words tragedy and comedy come from the language of the Greek’s? (Surprising right?)

Surprisingly, children played with balls made of tied up rags or bags of pigs bladder… (DISGUSTING)

Unbelievable, Greek’s believed in 12 Gods.

Like today, Ancient Greeks loved sports! They were very sporty.

Katrina Jones

Can you identify the different features the children have used in their writing? Comment below