Smashing Science Week

“Science week is a very smart and fun week which engages children to learn more about Science.” Felicity

In Year 4, we have had a fantastic week exploring and celebrating Science Week 2017! Continue reading to see what we have been up to…


This week in Maths we have been looking at converting units of measure and data handling. To ensure we have maximum fun, we had practical lessons where we went outside and recorded the distance that it took for us to no longer be able to hear a sound. We used a meter stick for this and then converted it into cm afterwards. Then, we presented our data into bar charts which can be found in our Science books.

“I enjoyed going outside and experimenting practically. We measured and recorded how far a sound can travel in distance. The results surprised me.” Haniya

“We took our own observations and presented these results in a graph- a bar graph to be exact.” Maxwell


Demo Day!

We made our very own SLIME! We put water and cornflour  and mixed it together. This then created a liquid lookalike which in fact created a solid when tapped quickly. This was a really fun experiment in helping develop our Solids, Liquids and Gases knowledge.

“The slime was very interesting to make. I can’t believe 2 materials could do that!” Jessica Wh

“It was amazing to mix vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda together to see the chemical reaction! It literally went BANG!” Emily


This is our current topic in Science, so we have been looking at different investigations in sound! This has been linked with Maths but also a chance to really understand how sound is created and how we can alter different sounds.

“I enjoyed investigating how to change the volume of sounds using insulated materials.” Hudson

Our reactions to Science week:

  • The BEST Science week in the whole entire world- Mia
  • It was really fun! I loved my science home to talk about it! Jack
  • Even though the vinegar smelt really bad, it was really fun to see what reaction it would have. Alisia

Our views on Science now:

As I have taken part in Science week, my views on Science have changed. I used to think Science was boring, but now I really enjoy it! Elsie

Science wasn’t really my thing, but since Science week- I am a BIG fan! Aidan

I have loved Science week and I can’t wait for next year- Aimee

Science week is a very smart and fun week which engages children to learn more about Science. Felcity

8 comments on “Smashing Science Week

  • Kat-rina says:

    This science week was very scientific =D
    I especially enjoyed making the slime!
    The slime looked like a liquid but It was actually a solid! ( Woah! )

  • Haniya says:

    I used to think science was a bit boring and complicated.but now i think its super fun!

  • The slime was really fun to make and feel !
    It was AMAZING ! !
    I can’t wait for next years science week !

  • Rianna says:

    The house afternoon was super fun, I enjoyed using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to blow up balloons! It was also great to work with children from other years. The best bit was watching the coke explode when mentos were added to it!

  • Mrs Archer says:

    It has been great to hear all about the science that my children have learnt during science week. We are going to spend some of the Easter holiday trying out a few experiments!

    • CBaghurst says:

      That’s lovely to hear Mrs Archer. Can’t wait to hear all about it on our return to school


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