Converting the time from 12 to 24 hours!

Thank you Haniya and Smitha for your catchy song to remember when telling the time!

Follow this link for the backing track…

Image result for 24 hour clock

When you look at an analogue clock, it only goes up to 12!

This can be converted to a 24 hour clock…

From 13-24, this is pm…

But from 1-12… this is am…

Most 24 hour clocks, are digital but check your watch!

Cedar’s Muddy Adventures


What a fun filled half term we have had taking part in Muddy Adventures! It has been a wonderful experience which has seen the children develop the following skills:

  • Confidence
  • Working and playing nicely
  • Creatively developing ideas
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Team building
  • Self Awareness
  • Empathy to others
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Independence
  • Bravery- overcoming fears e.g. heights
  • A POSITIVE mental attitude
  • Developing self- esteem


None of this would be possible without the fantastic enthusiasm and delivery from Miss Lindsay! On behalf of Cedar class, THANK YOU!

Enjoy the pictures of our journey this term!

Can you comment what skill you feel you have developed since taking part in Muddy Adventures?

Miss Baghurst

Tyre Park Fun

At Lawford Mead, we celebrate success! Each week a class is awarded for… the highest attendance %, lowest number of lates! In Cedar and Chestnut, we have a reading reward! If we reach more than 100 readers as a class each week, we get 15 minutes extra play. You may be wondering what we do in this time… have a look below!

Since having the tyre park, we have thrived to achieve and this has increased our motivation to ensure we have the highest attendance, zero lates AND reading every single day each week so that we can have full use tyre park all to ourselves!

Keep up the hard work Year 4!


Den Building

During our time in Muddy Adventures, we typically experience  a range of British weather! This varies from the rain, bitter winds and sunshine! Here the weather did not stop Cedar as they participated in den building!

The class got into two groups- boys vs girls!

Over the time period the children took part in showing: excellent team work, effective communication with others, collaborating ideas and presenting an end product.

Check out the results below:

As you can see, the children’s creativity ran wild as they included: sofas, gardens, tennis courts, washing lines and Xbox machines!

What was was your favourite part of den building?

Public Speaking Competition!


Today, six members represented Lawford Mead at Anglia Ruskin University and took part in the first ever public speaking competition! This was in partnership with 12 schools  (360 children) in Chelmsford that came together to compete against one another about a chosen topic. All of the children at Lawford Mead were involved in this, but sadly we were only allowed to take a team of 6 for the event- however, next year we will definitely have more teams!







On behalf of everybody at Lawford Mead, Miss Smith and I would like to say a HUGE well done to all of the children who took part, but in particular the six who went and delivered with confidence and PRIDE! You have made us all incredibly PROUD!


Smashing Science Week

“Science week is a very smart and fun week which engages children to learn more about Science.” Felicity

In Year 4, we have had a fantastic week exploring and celebrating Science Week 2017! Continue reading to see what we have been up to…


This week in Maths we have been looking at converting units of measure and data handling. To ensure we have maximum fun, we had practical lessons where we went outside and recorded the distance that it took for us to no longer be able to hear a sound. We used a meter stick for this and then converted it into cm afterwards. Then, we presented our data into bar charts which can be found in our Science books.

“I enjoyed going outside and experimenting practically. We measured and recorded how far a sound can travel in distance. The results surprised me.” Haniya

“We took our own observations and presented these results in a graph- a bar graph to be exact.” Maxwell


Demo Day!

We made our very own SLIME! We put water and cornflour  and mixed it together. This then created a liquid lookalike which in fact created a solid when tapped quickly. This was a really fun experiment in helping develop our Solids, Liquids and Gases knowledge.

“The slime was very interesting to make. I can’t believe 2 materials could do that!” Jessica Wh

“It was amazing to mix vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda together to see the chemical reaction! It literally went BANG!” Emily


This is our current topic in Science, so we have been looking at different investigations in sound! This has been linked with Maths but also a chance to really understand how sound is created and how we can alter different sounds.

“I enjoyed investigating how to change the volume of sounds using insulated materials.” Hudson

Our reactions to Science week:

  • The BEST Science week in the whole entire world- Mia
  • It was really fun! I loved my science home to talk about it! Jack
  • Even though the vinegar smelt really bad, it was really fun to see what reaction it would have. Alisia

Our views on Science now:

As I have taken part in Science week, my views on Science have changed. I used to think Science was boring, but now I really enjoy it! Elsie

Science wasn’t really my thing, but since Science week- I am a BIG fan! Aidan

I have loved Science week and I can’t wait for next year- Aimee

Science week is a very smart and fun week which engages children to learn more about Science. Felcity

Wonderful Writing

This week in Literacy we have begun to explore ‘Free Verse poetry’. We focused our poems around an empty box and the children have written about what they would fill their magical box with.

Image result for magic box


I will put in my crystal box,

The bluest bow made of soft shimmering silk,

Birds humming early on a summer’s day,

The heartbeat of the lampshade dances slowly.


I will put in my crystal box,

Fluffy feathered dog’s on a winter’s day,

A smile from my cheeky brother,

The taste of an ice cold lemonade.

Grace, Cedar


I will put in my diamond box,

Feeling happy as the sun brightening up my day,

A drip of the bluest water from a waterfall that was a tap,

The waves smashing onto the rocky sandy beach.


I will put in my diamond box,

An eight day and the thirteenth month,

A horse riding a strong person,

A huge carriage pulling a horse,

My box is fashioned in diamond, steel and gold,

With layers of epic pictures on top like dinosaur skin,

The hinges are the toe joints of falcons.

Thomas, Cedar

The children next week will be exploring writing their own free verse poetry about a subject of their choice! Watch this space for more…

Can you identify what poetic features they have used in their writing?

Public Speaking

On Friday 3rd March Year 4 participated in their final Public Speaking Workshop. Mrs Browne (the workshop leader) was very impressed with how much progress we had made during our English lessons.

In this session we were practicing each role within the public speaking team and we rehearsed the order in which the competition would take place.

The competition is on the 23rd of March, so it is now our job to practice and ensure that we are ready.

Wish us luck!

Which role would you like to have in the competition and why?