Year 4 Superstars!

Today Year 4 took part in the CSSP Year 4 Superstars Festival!

They were split into eight groups and had to participate in a range of multi-sports activities such as: running, jumping, throwing, catching.

All of the children displayed our school values of resilience and passion when participating in each activity, trying their very best to earn points for our school, as well as respect to other children competing, the organisers and the group leaders.

The children were fantastic ambassadors for our school!

Comment below about your favourite events…



Super Speakers!

This week in our Literacy lessons Year 4 have been working on perfecting their public speaking skills, in preparation for the speaking competition.

This week we focused on the role of the ‘Chairperson’. They have an important role as they support the whole team; introducing the team members, topic and questions.

We have really improved in our delivery to the audience throughout the week. Can you comment below which public speaking skill you have improved the most and explain why?

Super Space Writing!

This week Year 4 finished writing their Space adventure stories. Have a read of Daniel’s whole story in Chestnut Class below. It really is super! Can you think about where he has used the S2S really successfully or where he has added personality into his writing?

I could feel my body shivering as I went into the enormous, giant rocket. My legs were shaking like an earthquake. As I sat in my comfortable seat the rocket began to tremble. I was terrified but excited to get to space. When… WHOOSH! We were off!

As fast as I could I went to my rounded window and saw bright stars surrounding my ship. I stared at the Earth and saw the hot blazing sun shooting fireballs at me. I gazed at the colourful, dusty planet moving past me as if they were having a race. Everything was an amazing sight! The shining, glimmering galaxies shone onto my ship and it was glowing a silver colour.

Suddenly my high-tech rocket began to shake. Instantly a nasty problem started to occur. BANG! I heard an enormous crash! I went quickly to my window and saw my engine falling onto the planet under me. What could I do now? Who could help me in this mess? I started to panic…

I landed on the mysterious planet below. It was freezing and dirty. I felt terrified. But then I saw my high-tech engine lying on the planet. I went to collect it, thank goodness it wasn’t damaged too much. I started bouncing to my helpful handy toolkit to fix my ship. I felt brave now. As I was fixing my ship I was so tired after one hour. At last it was fixed! Whoo!

I felt happy and excited. I bounced back into my enormous rocket. It roared back into action and shot off as fast as a jaguar. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell everybody about my adventure!

Wonderful Writing

Check out this wonderful piece of science fiction! See if you can figure out what the S2S may have been:

Frantically, I ran to the control panel to see if there was any chargers for my phone, when all of a sudden… CRASH! I heard an almighty bang. I dashed to the gleaming window and watched my wing crash and tumble down onto the planet below. What am I going to do now?  AAAAHH(internal screaming)! How would I get home safely?  ARGHHH (more internal screaming)! How would I get out of space without staying here forever…?

Evie, Cedar

Leave a comment about something you like in this text for Evie to see!

If you can work out all of the S2S, I will give you 3 dojos (Year 4’s keep it secret)


Creatively Changing States- Making creamy ice cream

Wednesday 1st February 2017

LO: I can… explore how materials change state


  • Interesting hook in
  • Clear ingredients
  • Detailed method


Today in Science we have transformed a liquid into a solid by using a homemade method involving ice and salt! The liquid turned into a solid because the ice and salt changed the temperature of the liquid. Have you ever managed to make ice cream without using a freezer that automatically freezes things?



  • 200 grams of freezing, crushed ice
  • Two tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • Two tablespoons of sweet sugar
  • One full cup of creamy milk
  • One full cup of sea salt
  • 2 big, strong bags
  • 2 small, zip locked bags
  • Thick, warm gloves


  1. Before you begin, you must put your gloves on carefully, ensuring your hands are covered.
  2. Firstly, using the ingredients, carefully place these into the small, zip locked bag.
  3. Secondly, remove all of the air from the bag, so it does not pop and fasten securely.
  4. Next, place the bag full of ingredients into another small bag and make sure you lock it tight.
  5. Place the salt and crushed ice in the big bag, and ensure your gloves are on securely so you do not burn your skin.
  6. Quickly, shake the bag to mix the contents.
  7. WARNING- make sure you hold the bag with care so it does not split!
  8. Now, place the small bag into the big bag of ice/ salt mixture.
  9. Again, remove the air and fasten securely.

10.Set a timer, as it is now time to shake it for 10 whole minutes!

  1. Beware- you must shake for 10 whole minutes or it will still be a liquid and the states will not change.
  • Finally, remove the ice cream from the inside bag, making sure it does not touch the ice-salt mixture and ENJOY.


Handy hint:

  • Always use a plate or tray underneath your mixing to avoid any mess!
  • The more sugar you add, the sweeter it will get!
  • You must shake hard but be careful as you could burn your skin!
  • Make sure you wear gloves at all times.


Next step:

What began to happen to the frozen ice cream mixture as it was removed from the salt/ice bag?