Perfecting our Public Speaking

Excitingly during the Spring term, the Year 4’s are taking part in a Public Speaking competition within Essex! This is with 14 other schools, where one will be crowned a winner. Today Mrs Browne led a workshop with all of the children and within the first two hours they had flourished into confident speakers who gave eye contact to their audience.

We are going to be looking at this within our Literacy lessons, ready for the children to be selected for a team, ready to compete against the other schools in Essex. This is a very exciting opportunity for the children which will help their confidence in their speaking to grow. Here are some images from the different activities that we participated in- from a boring Oak tree that was lifeless- to standing tall, speaking with projection and looking at the audience.

IMG_5565 IMG_5550IMG_5581 IMG_5600IMG_5616 IMG_5623 IMG_5625

The children here are working in two teams, and practising their delivery of their point of view on a topic. Each time children used peer assessment to identify who was: the most confident in their voice, used the most eye contact and used their hands/ body for expression.

Can any of you tell me what your favourite bit was about today? Comment below- I can’t wait to see your replies and I am sure Mrs Browne would love to see them too!

Miss Baghurst

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