Perfect Poetry!

This week Year 4 have been busy publishing their couplet poems based on work by Roald Dahl all about the vile, nasty giants in the BFG!

Both classes have created books for their reading areas for all of the children to enjoy. Come into Year 4 and check them out!

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Perfect Projects!

Over the half term, the children were given a project based homework to go and research an area of the Romans. This was a difficult challenge for the children as they could be as creative as they like! Every member of Cedar class got involved and bought their projects in! Here are some pictures of our wonderful display of work. I am so impressed with the efforts the children have gone to with their projects so a HUGE well done to you and your parents for helping!





img_4147(These incredible creative shoes even fit a child in the class!)

You could also come and visit Cedar class to see our showcase of work.

I wonder if you can tell me… what stands out from this display for you?


Miss Baghurst






British Values

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Over the last couple of weeks, in our in-class reflections we have been focusing on the British Values and why we are PROUD to be British!

The National Anthem has been practised and sung by all of the children in KS2 as we feel this song is a true reflection of Britain! If you would like to practice you can find it here:

There are 4 key headings that make up the British Values. These are as follows:

  • Law (abiding by rules from the government, respecting our Queen and the police)
  • Democracy (the entitlement to voting to determine the government)
  • Tolerance (being friends with everyone, mutual respect with differing opinions)
  • Respect (everybody- those with different beliefs, religion, skin colour and treating them equal)

These values should be seen within each member of the United Kingdom daily, to ensure that the UK is a safe, happy environment for all.

Are you going to get involved with the whole school British Values competition to try and win a prize for promoting these values in school? Some entries can be found in Cedar class if you need inspiration!

(Don’t forget to hand these to your teacher by the 18th of November 2016). Good luck!

Image result for british values in primary schoolsImage result for british values in primary schools