Never give up!

In our class reflection today, we watched a short clip on newsround. You can check it out here:

The key messages that were highlighted were:

  • No matter what colour your skin, you are entitled to be treated equal
  • Never give up on hurdles that you may face in life.

As a class, we understand that we are sometimes faced with challenges (we learn from these too!)We then worked in small groups and discussed motivation quotes that we could remember when faced with a hurdle in life.

Check some of them out below!


“Never give up or you won’t get to where you want to be!” Haniya & James

“Never give up as someday you can become who you want to be!” Thomas & Joseph

“You never know until you try.” Elsie & Jess We

“NEVER give up as good things can and WILL happen!” Grace, Lacey, Smitha & Jessica Wh


So remember… “Do not give up when you are so close to achieving your success!” Marianna

Cedar class

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