Brilliant Writing!

Well done to both Chestnut and Cedar for over the last 6 weeks completing some fantastic writing in a range of different genres, such as, character descriptions, recounts and instructions!

A special well done to those  children that have published their work beautifully and made it to the ‘Wonderful Writing’ displays in class.

We can’t wait to see more up there!

Miss Smith and Miss Baghurst



Never give up!

In our class reflection today, we watched a short clip on newsround. You can check it out here:

The key messages that were highlighted were:

  • No matter what colour your skin, you are entitled to be treated equal
  • Never give up on hurdles that you may face in life.

As a class, we understand that we are sometimes faced with challenges (we learn from these too!)We then worked in small groups and discussed motivation quotes that we could remember when faced with a hurdle in life.

Check some of them out below!


“Never give up or you won’t get to where you want to be!” Haniya & James

“Never give up as someday you can become who you want to be!” Thomas & Joseph

“You never know until you try.” Elsie & Jess We

“NEVER give up as good things can and WILL happen!” Grace, Lacey, Smitha & Jessica Wh


So remember… “Do not give up when you are so close to achieving your success!” Marianna

Cedar class

Star Writer!

This week we have been writing instructions based on the BFG.

Check out Conor’s fantastic writing from Chestnut class below, he achieved the objective by ensuring that he used adverbs of time, imperative verbs, adverbs and adjectives to engage the reader. He also included a fantastic introduction which caught the readers attention and used persuasive techniques, such as rhetorical questions, to entice the reader in!

Perhaps you can find some examples of his S2S and comment them below?



Were going on a leaf hunt!

In science we have been exploring ‘Living things’ and through this learning journey we have classified animals! Today, we completed a practical activity where we were looking at the properties of the leaves and this allowed us to complete a table where we classified the similarities and differences between the leaves. We even managed to name the different types!

img_0010 img_0012 img_0014 img_0015 img_0017 img_0018 img_0019 img_0020 img_0023 img_0024img_0026 img_0028 img_0031

Can you name a leaf that is not lobed? We struggled to find any on the school field and surrounding areas!


ARGHHHH! What a day today has been. By 8:40 this morning the playground had been invaded by a Romans and Lawford Mead had gone back in time! We are sure throughout the day you heard us roar during the different activities that we have been up to.

Luckily, we spent the day with a Roman who gave us an insight into life as a Roman, especially Roman Soldiers.


In preparation for battle, soldiers were required to form a tight order whilst holding their shield and spear. They would then march in unison in correspondence with the leader who would give further instructions and demands. This required the soldiers to listen VERY carefully or the may end up loosing their life. We even went outside and practised marching like roman soldiers and created a tortoise formation with our shields, while the adults in our class threw beanbags at us.

For part of the day we explored and sampled Roman food.  They ate foods that were very basic and available easily e.g. Flour that was made into porridge, honey, cheese, grapes and walnuts. Food was very different for the rich, and some examples of their food include: pickled snake, rats claws in apple juice and stuffed hog dressed with pâté! We used this information to  create a menu inviting guests to attend a dinner party. Would you like to attend a dinner party like this?

Have you had a good day today? Tell us what your favourite part of today was?

Who  can tell me- what is the difference between a Gladyius and a Gladiator?

Miss Baghurst & Miss Smith

PS- As you can see from the photographs,  the year fours were dressed in fantastic Roman attire so a big well done to the children (andparents) for your efforts!img_3721 img_3766 img_3790 img_3849