What makes a good school councillor?

In Chestnut class we thought about what qualities make a good School Councillor to help you with your speeches here is our list of qualities needed.

You need to be:

  • A good listener
  • Confident
  • Respectful of others
  • Supportive
  • Show all of the school values
  • Brave
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Sensible
  • Hard-working
  • Kind
  • Determined

Chestnut Class

New School Councillors!

It is that time of year again to vote for our new school council members. If any of you in Year 4 would like to be a school councillor you need to prepare a speech ready for next Thursday. You need to prove why you would be a good member and persuade others to vote for you!

So get writing and practicing!

Miss Smith and Miss Baghurst


Wonderful Writing!

In Year 4 we have been writing a recount from Sophie’s perspective of when she is snatched by the BFG. Check out two fantastic openings from Felicity and Mia in Chestnut class!

Can you work out what the S2S was? Comment below!

Miss Smith

img_50171               img_50181

We love reading!

This afternoon we spotted a few of the staff reading in some very unusual places!

Can you spot what book they are enjoying?

Can you send us some of the unusual places you enjoy reading?

Send us a picture through the Dojo app!

Miss Smith and Miss Baghurstimg_3687
img_3688 img_3693 img_3696

Rolling with the Romans…

(Written by Cedar class)

In History, we are exploring the life during the Roman period from 43 AD. To link in with this, in Art we have researched and designed our own clay pot. Today, we have been practicing the skills required to make our very own Roman clay pot.

We have made some simple instructions for you to ensure that you can use and apply the skills needed to  make your very own clay pot.

You will need:

  • Play dough
  • Clean hands!


  1. Wash your hands to ensure they are squeaky clean.
  2. Place your dough into a ball shape.
  3.  Roll this ball with the palm of your hand to ensure it has a soft, even surface.
  4. Now, use your thumb to make a small hole (be careful to not do this too fast or you may leave a hole in your pot).
  5.  Finally, manipulate the dough into the shape that you desire.

Top Tip:

If you squish the edges of the pot, this will ensure it keeps its shape!


Here are a series of images in order of the step by step process required…

img_5013img_5012img_5016   img_5015


Wonderful Writing

This week the children have began writing a recount in Sophie’s shoes during ‘The Snatch’ which is inspired from The BFG!

Check out these fantastic introductions from two children in Cedar.

image image

I wonder if you could think of a next step for these children?

Miss Baghurst

Wonderful Writing!

Have a read of this character description of the BFG (from our perception at the start of the story!) by Daisy in Chestnut Class. An amazing piece of independent work! 

Can you spot any of the writing features she has used? 

The BFG is strange and terrifying. Interestingly the BFG hides in the dark, creepy shadows, watching to see if anybody is looking at him. He is a huge petrifying giant who glides from house to house giving people their dreams.

He has a pale, wrinkly face and a sharp nose as pointy as a hedgehogs spikes and his ears are as big as an elephants. His eyes are blinding and flashing as he looks all around the houses with them.

He wears a long, black cloak and scruffy t-shirt with holes in it. He also wears tight, short trousers, so short they are like shorts with stinky old shoes.

Wonderful Writing

Check out this fantastic, short character description written by Maxwell in Cedar.

The BFG has eyes as devilish as burning lava. Interestingly, he has legs as tall as three Big Ben’s stacked up on each other, which helps him run quickly. Can you believe that his arm is as huge as a tree trunk?

Image result for BFG

Can you comment below what you think the S2S was?

What could Maxwell have as a next step to further improve his writing?

Miss Baghurst

Roald Dahl Day!

Today (September 13th 2016) was Roald Dahl Day! It marks 100 years since Roald Dahl was born and a time to celebrate his life and fantastic stories.

In Year 4 we are learning all about Roald Dahl in our author study and have been reading and writing about The BFG. This afternoon we joined thousands of other schools across the country and watched a show broadcast live from The Cambridge Theatre. We learnt all about how Roald Dahl creates words in his stories, listened to extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and drew along with Quentin Blake!

We then had a go at creating some of our own words. Have a look at some of our pictures and new vocabulary below!