Amazing Art with Cedar and Sycamore

Yesterday was Art day! This was an exciting day exploring art in different forms. In Cedar & Silverbell we mixed classes so that the year 1’s and year 4’s could work together and support one another with their art.

We looked at the artist ‘Seurat’ and his concept of pointillism in art. Who can tell me.. What is pointillism?

Check out some photos of our incredible day!


image image  image

I do not want to reveal too much as the art will speak for itself (and the children can post below to explain)!

Miss Baghurst & Mrs Mason were incredibly proud of how hard you all worked yesterday and your fantastic team work together.

Art Day!

Today Chestnut and Silverbell worked together to recreate paintings by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. The Year 1 and Year 4 children worked in pairs to create a wave painting using a range of different materials including chalk, pastels, tissue paper and glitter! The children worked incredibly well together and show fantastic team work to create original and creative pieces of work!

IMG_4604 IMG_4612 IMG_4637 IMG_4642 IMG_4643 IMG_4654 IMG_4657 IMG_4691IMG_4697

Rewinding to the Roman times!

WOW! What a day today has been. Today Year 4 visited Layer Marney Tower dressed as… ROMANS! The children arrived at school this morning geared in fantastic costumes ready for their fun filled day.

The children took part in four different sessions:

  • Traditional Roman attire including battle protectors & sharp swords
  • Roman foods
  • Traditional Roman games
  • Arts & crafts

Roman attire:

The children were asked to form a semi circle, where they were given the opportunity to try on the different pieces of Armour & weapons. Can you believe they walk at least twenty miles carrying all of it?

IMG_4694 IMG_4700 IMG_4702 IMG_4715IMG_4369IMG_4368 IMG_4725

Roman foods:

This was a chance for the children to gain understanding of how BASIC their food was. They did not eat the famously known Italian foods in Rome, but ate from natural resources nearby (that they had to grow & produce themselves). This included: bread, oil, cheese & figs!

IMG_4756 IMG_4760IMG_4342

Traditional Roman games:

Set in a beautiful courtyard was a selection of games for the children to play. The games were made from very basic resources e.g. wood, string etc and the children were required to follow the rules to have a go. This was a fine example of life for children in the Roman times.

Did you notice there was no technology AND you all had so much fun?

IMG_4789 IMG_4796 IMG_4470IMG_4481IMG_4798IMG_4475IMG_4794IMG_4797

Arts & Crafts:

This was an opportunity for the children to get creative. They were each given some mosaic pieces and asked to create some art from it. The colours were very natural and basic and the children produced some beautiful patterns on their designs. I hope you have all taken them home to show your family!




Thank you all for putting in a huge amount of effort with your costumes. I hope you had as much of a brilliant day as we did!

Year 4’s… What was your favourite part about today?