Happy Birthday!


Classes recognised Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday last week in their class reflection time.  Cedar class went a step further with their celebration.   They checked their uniform was extra smart, stood together and sang the national anthem!

Wonderful Writing

Here is another piece of fantastic Science writing about how to stay safe with electricity! This piece of work used lots of great literacy skills and explained clearly what could happen if you are not safe! Well done Tom!

Y4 writing

Wonderful Writing in Cedar!

Last week we wrote diary entries in science about how we would feel if the electricity suddenly

Our new unit in science this term is ‘Electricity’! We wrote diary entries on Friday about how we would feel if electricity suddenly cut off and there was complete silence around.

Below is a wonderful example from Josephine (Cedar) of her diary entry! This is very well set out with beautiful presentation (very impressive considering we had no lights on to get a better feel for how it would be without electricity). I particularly love this piece of writing because you have built suspension throughout.

IMG_3862 IMG_3863


Well done Josephine!!

Miss Baghurst