The faith of Islam

In RE this term, we have been exploring the faith of ‘Islam’. Each week we have been exploring different things including: Muhammed (PBUH), a traditional story, who influences us, their place of worship and their holy books.

We have collated all of our knowledge this week into creating a drama piece showing the traditional daily life of a Muslim. This was done in groups, and we had to  use all of  our knowledge to ensure we were respectful to their beliefs.


Being called to prayer through a Mosque


Drinking only water during the month of Ramadan

Reading the Qu’ran

IMG_3704 IMG_3706


Some images of the positioning in how people pray, facing towards Mecca

Who can tell me one fact about the religion of Islam? 1 dojo point for each correct answer

Miss Baghurst

11 comments on “The faith of Islam

  • They pray 5 times a day . They pray in a mosque. They have to take of they shoes before pray. In the month of Ramadan.

  • Haniya says:

    hi! i am from year 3. Muslims say bismila before eating and they say alhumdulia after eating. They do the same when going on and off planes

  • Josephine says:

    They have to wash there hands,feet and face before entering the mosque to respect the holy building.

  • Muslims read the book of the Qur’an. There are 5 pillars and they are the Creed (Shahadah) Daily Prayers (salat) Almsgiving ( zakah), fasting during Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca (haj)

  • Haniya says:

    When people write Allah,they write a SWT. I need to find out what that means. I’ll bring a children’s version of the Qur’an .

  • Haniya says:

    I think i will forget it,so just so that you know it stands for Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. On google translate it translated as ‘ almighty and pain ‘ but i think it should be ‘ almighty and painless ‘. Because Allah SWT can’t feel pain.


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