Cooking up a treat!

As our end of term treat, we had to earn 80 class Dojo points to reach our class treat of “Food Cooking” which was the children’s request!!

Food cooking is an extremely important life skill and this allows the children to develop independence and confidence in their ability.

Over the last six weeks we have been working hard to earn 80 class Dojo points! This afternoon we learnt how to:

  • Wash our hands to remove GERMS
  • Prepare equipment
  • Base our pizzas with delicious flavours
  • Learn how to eat food we love in a healthy way!
  • Prepare vegetables safely using a knife (it wasn’t a sharp one!)
  • Decorate  our pizzas to look appetising and yummy!
  • TASTE our pizzas.
  • Lots of children also helped with washing up/ drying up so thank you.

Here’s some snaps of our afternoon…


IMG_3236Here is a child patiently waiting for his pizza to cook!

IMG_3244 A finished piece! Yum!!

More photos can be found in our book area in Cedar class.

Mrs Baker was very hungry at this point so we kindly shared some pizza and she said: “Cedar class, thank you so much for my pizza! It was delicious and perfect timing as I hadn’t had a moment to eat my lunch. Thank you!”.

Recently the children requested that they wanted to complete the “Pizza Challenge” consisting of strange items being placed on a pizza. I set the children to earn 5 extra dojos on Tuesday/ Wednesday to reach this extra target and they did! Here are some photos of the pizza challenge!




One child said: “That was absolutely disgusting!”

Another said: “It tasted like an Ice cream sundae. It’s so yum.”

I hope you all enjoyed your end of term treats!

Does anybody have any ideas what we could have as our target for next term?

Miss Baghurst

4 comments on “Cooking up a treat!

  • Headteacher says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Cedar class, they were very tasty pizzas and the aroma emanating from the Orchard room was just to delicious to resist! I was also very impressed with the boys’ dancing, as was the guest I was showing around at the time. I think you picked a perfect treat to go into half term and hope that you are sharing your newly found culinary skills at home.

    I hope that you are all enjoying the break and look forward to seeing you back, bright and breezy on Monday morning.

    Mrs Baker.

  • Haniya says:

    Next term could we have a giant anime dressing up competition? Anime is a very cool topic. My favourite is MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO. Its quite emotional but its a good film. Katrina has also watched it.


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