Incoming news!

This week we have begun exploring our new literacy unit of writing newspaper articles! We are writing articles based on the recent flooding in Cumbria. So far, we have been exploring the features of a newspaper article and also developed our vocabulary to describe the weather and the environment in Cumbria.

IMG_3039 IMG_3042

On Friday, we had a speaking and listening focused lesson where we hot seated a range of different characters and explored their point of view for how they felt during this time. Here’s some images of the hot seating!

Year 4’s… What can you remember about the flooding so far?

Miss Baghurst

2 comments on “Incoming news!

  • The flooding has caused loads of chaos in some places the floods have been destroying people’s house and are sinking cars viciously such as Jeff smiths (Mrs websters)motorbike got destroyed in a flood

    • CBaghurst says:

      I am very impressed that you have remembered about our use of a false name eg Jeff Smith for when we were directly quoting what a character said! Well done


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