A Muddy Christmas Treat!

Chestnut were lucky enough to have an afternoon of Muddy Adventures as their end of term treat after earning all of their Dojo points!











Miss Lindsey worked incredibly hard to make it exciting by giving us lots of team work and exploring games! My highlight was winning Hide and Seek for the girls!!!












I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I can’t wait to see you all in the New Year!

Miss Caldwell

Measuring Madness!

This week in Maths we are looking at measuring! On Monday we explored measuring using cm and m using a ruler and a meter stick.

Here are some of the different objects we decided to measure!

IMG_2565IMG_2567 IMG_2566IMG_2568






As you can see, we had great fun measuring different objects.

Can you find anything exciting to measure at home and tell me what the measurement is?

Miss Baghurst