Does your sentence have SWAG?

In Cedar class, we have been working very hard to improve our writing. We now aim use SWAG within our writing everyday as one of our targets for improving the standard of our work. This is what SWAG stands for.



If SWAG is being used in our sentences, the mysterious SWAG glasses are revealed and excitingly the person who has managed to use SWAG in their work will get to wear the glasses.

Here is a child who managed to use SWAG in their work.

Cedar class, can you tell me when we should use SWAG in our work?
Miss Baghurst

5 comments on “Does your sentence have SWAG?

    • CBaghurst says:

      The SWAG glasses make an appearance when we use SWAG in our writing! Hopefully you’ll get to wear them soon 🙂

    • CBaghurst says:

      They help us to make sure we include all of the features needed in our writing don’t they?

  • Haniya says:

    I made a new literacy acronym.
    Does the writing have: (i couldn’t think of one for Y. The capitals make HUNGRY)

    Helpful information
    Useful words
    Nice adjectives
    Great adverbs
    Real words


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