Children in Need!

Today at Lawford Mead, we have dressed in our Pyjamas for Children in Need. The children all came in looking extremely snug and comfortable in their PJS! Here is a snapshot of some of us in our Pyjamas!



I want to say a huge thank you to all of the children who made an effort to come in to school in their Pyjamas & to those of you who kindly donated  50p to the charity. It will go towards making a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Year Four’s- what was your favourite part of today?

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Baghurst



Year 4’s fantastic Stone Age work!

We are so proud of all the Year 4s and their outstanding Stone Age work! The effort from all children has been superb!

Firstly in class we have been re-creating Stone Age cave paintings using chalk on gray paper. We worked hard to draw scenes representing animals being hunted by Stone Age people. They look amazing!



IMG_2846 IMG_2851 IMG_2847


We have also been overwhelmed with the homework projects from both classes. It is clear that lots of effort has been taken to produce some exceptional pieces of work! A big thank you to all of you who brought in a project, and to those that helped at home!

Miss Caldwell and Miss Baghurst

IMG_2417 IMG_2415 IMG_2413 IMG_2411 IMG_2412

Cedar will never forget


Tomorrow marks Remembrance Day. For this, in Cedar class, we have used a poppy template and created Origami flowers and our poppies have powerful vocabulary that is linked to WW1 & WW2. We have done this to remember those soldiers who freed us and allowed us to survive today.  That is why we remember them, because they are our heroes.

They gave their today, for our tomorrow.

We will remember them.

(Written by Cedar Class)




What a busy week back!

This week has been a very exciting week! On Monday and Tuesday years 1-6 contributed towards making a 3D art display on the theme ‘British Wildlife’, which can be found opposite the new school library. The children worked exceptionally hard and their artistic flair beamed through.

Then, on Wednesday we had a science day! We began by exploring the question- ‘What is science’ which really questioned the children as to where we can see or find science. Later on we went on to explore our new science topic of- Solids, Liquids and Gases! We went around the school on a hunt to find what solids, liquids and gases we could find. We then made observational notes as to what happened to a frozen liquid. We then used these notes to write a detailed summary as to what we found out.

IMG_2358 IMG_2363 IMG_2366

Can you name any gases? 1 dojo point for those who can remember the tricky names!

Miss Baghurst



Does your sentence have SWAG?

In Cedar class, we have been working very hard to improve our writing. We now aim use SWAG within our writing everyday as one of our targets for improving the standard of our work. This is what SWAG stands for.



If SWAG is being used in our sentences, the mysterious SWAG glasses are revealed and excitingly the person who has managed to use SWAG in their work will get to wear the glasses.

Here is a child who managed to use SWAG in their work.

Cedar class, can you tell me when we should use SWAG in our work?
Miss Baghurst

Science Day!

We had lots of fun in Chestnut class for Science Day!

We started our new topic ‘States of Matter’ by sorting different materials into solids, liquids and gases.


We also investigated how long it takes for an ice cube to melt and turn from a solid into a liquid. We made very careful observations using scientific language and then wrote up our findings.

IMG_2817 IMG_2818

One child in Chestnut class had this to say about Science Day:

“I really enjoyed today as I learnt lots of new and exciting things!”.


Why don’t you tell me what you enjoyed about Science Day!

Miss Caldwell