Stone Age clay pots

As part of our Stone Age history unit, both Year 4 classes have been making clay pots. We researched what the pots would look like, then carefully moulded them out of clay.


We then painted our pots to look like real Stone Age artefacts!





Who can tell us what these pots would have been used for?

Miss Caldwell and Miss Baghurst



7 comments on “Stone Age clay pots

  • Lucy k says:

    I have been working hard on my stone age things and also doing it at home I have been looking
    Up the artfacts and thinking about it
    When can we do it again?

    • ECaldwell says:

      We will be looking at the Stone Age tomorrow and finding out what their homes used to look like! It would be great if you came in ready with some ideas!

      • Emily R says:

        hey year 4 I have been working on things to put in stone age pot and I have been working on the harvest songs .

  • The stone age pots would have been used for holding things such as jewellery and they may also have been used for holding water.

  • lottie b says:

    hi lottie iv been trying to work very hard in all lesons no fidling no whispering and i love the new song we learnt commas


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