Inspirational Jesse Owens

In Year Four we have been looking at the inspirational figure- Jesse Owens who through determination conquered his battles with people discriminating him because of his skin colour. We explored this in Literacy through the use of drama and we were lucky enough to use Magic If where we imagined we were Jesse Owens. Here are some images of us holding positions as if we were Jesse!


We then remained in character and created Freeze Frames of the key moments in Jesse’s life. Here are some below:



Jesse using his strength and determination and proving to others that he can thrive to achieve.

We then used these freeze frames to create comic story strips which were fantastic pieces of work. The children worked extremely hard. Their work can be found in our scrapbook on our bookcase.

This was very inspirational and moving for the children and adults in Cedar class. It has shown to us all that despite anyone telling you that you ‘cannot achieve’, you must go and prove them wrong! Always remember that.

Cedar class.. did you enjoy looking at Jesse Owens in class? Can you tell me one thing that happened to Jesse throughout his life?

Miss Baghurst

Black History Month

We have been very busy in Chestnut class celebrating the life and achievements of Jesse Owens, an Olympic hero from the Berlin Olympics in 1936!

We used freeze frame photos to reenact this special event and turned these into comic strips!IMG_0409IMG_0407

We were also lucky enough to take part in a story telling session. We were able to dress up and retell a traditional story! All members of Chestnut class definitely showed their drama talents!


I hope you all enjoyed your day and learnt a lot about Jesse Owens!

Miss Caldwell

Harvest Festival singing success!

Year Four’s,
Today you have shown what determination, passion, integrity, aspiration and resilience can do!
From all of your hard work in our rehearsals, today it all definitely paid off.

Are you feeling proud of yourselves? I certainly am exceptionally proud of you all for the fantastic performance you gave! I know Miss Caldwell and all of the staff at Lawford Mead are too! Today we definitely saw each of the school values in you all! Are you feeling proud of yourselves?

A huge thank you also to the parents, families and friends that gathered today, it was lovely to see so many familiar faces.
Did you enjoy today Year 4? Tell us below! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and collect lots of… CONKERS!!
Miss Baghurst

Harvest Festival Fun!

Hello everyone!

In Year Four we are super busy preparing for our Harvest Festival performance which is taking place on the 16th October at 10:30! We thought you may want to further practice the songs so we have attached the names and the links with all of the lyrics on screen!!!

They are:


Harvest Samba

Harvest Song

Please practice the lyrics if you can so that you can fluently know the words.

Are you looking forward to our assembly? Tell us below!

We are very excited!

Miss Baghurst & Miss Caldwell

Stone Age clay pots

As part of our Stone Age history unit, both Year 4 classes have been making clay pots. We researched what the pots would look like, then carefully moulded them out of clay.


We then painted our pots to look like real Stone Age artefacts!





Who can tell us what these pots would have been used for?

Miss Caldwell and Miss Baghurst